Thursday, April 9, 2009


from designboom:

"students from the University of Washington's Visual Communication Design Program have developed 'want', an interactive retail experience that is about educating college students on how to become savvier with their money.  the 'merchandise' inside the imaginary store is constructed from laser cut cardboard, and includes everything from coffee to electronics, to apparel, each printed with a different tip on how to save money on that item.  as in a regular store, visitors are invited to flip through clothing racks and browse the shelves at their leisure"

AND just a little teaser.....

the crew in windsor is planning another yardsale fundraiser, last year for 'artcite', the non-profit art gallery, and this year for CJAM fm.  if you're from the area you likely know how much CJAM needs some love and support.
more details to come.  but get stoked, will you?

MAY 29TH!!!!


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