Sunday, April 19, 2009


I know I said I wouldn't post.... but I'm waiting for some glue to dry and to be honest, I can't really stay away.  
So, I will take this opportunity to share a site I really don't want to share because I want to keep it all for myself.  Of course, I heard about it from Betty's site (who else?), and I'm completely smitten........  

Pixie Market is a small boutique out of NYC that has branched to LA. The owners, whose names I haven't been able to find, have scouted out some of the best young talents around to add to their collection.

The best part???  All of these beautiful items are, on average, less than $200!!!!!!!
Every single piece for sale is stunning and so unique.  There are a number of gorgeous dresses in the sale section that I'm considering ordering for my graduation....... 


ps- yes, that white cuff is a 'fanny pack' :)


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