Monday, April 13, 2009


I first saw Kwangho Lee's work in an article about the Toronto Gladstone Hotel's annual 'Come Up to My Room' Exhibition, and have been following him ever since.  He has some very uniquely crafted furniture as well, chiseled by hand out of blocks of foam, but his lighting series is without a doubt his best work.  Each piece is (knotted? woven?) by hand, so no two are the same.  Wild.

From his site:
"In my work, I talk about two things: one is about the search for possible changes and new meanings in the most ordinary objects of our daily lives.  I believe that many of the mundane objects have boundless capabilities of transforming into something else; second is to always express the symphony of design and craft.  My projects never undergo machinery process.  Therefore only small quantities are 'crafted' from my hands"


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