Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I just saw this on designboom and think it's brilliant.

"Tokyo-based designer Mac Funamizu wondered what would happen if we rethought how coins were designed with an infographic perspective. He remarks on the merits and drawbacks of round coins, and while he acknowledges their benefits, he wanted to see if they could be redesigned in a way that was more universally understood. This would benefit travelers and people not accustomed to a specific currency...... each coin (has) an infographic form that corresponds to a pie chart"

Absolutely, there are drawbacks. But Funamizu is sure to point out that he designs concepts on his blog simply to explore new ideas that he knows might not translate perfectly into a real-life market. He invites readers to leave their feedback and even take his idea further- perhaps even into production- if they contact him. He is a working industrial and graphic designer and he designs and posts concepts on his blog for his own enjoyment.

I love that there is someone willing to share their ideas without the expectation of monetary benefit. Some of the projects are copyrighted, but for the most part he invites people to make them happen if they feel inclined. Most people hoard their ideas in fear that someone else will make a profit; why not share them if you have no intention of producing and allow someone else to bring your thoughts to fruition?

And the coins are great. Helvetica, you're a paradigm.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It pains me to give up the goods, but this one with the zippers is on sale for $75.
They have our size and everything. Buy it because I can't. Sigh.

Dear Pixie Market,

I'm yours. If you'd have me I'd never look twice at another retailer. I have yet to make my first purchase because I can't even afford groceries at this point, but when my day comes- and it will- I'm blowing a wad.
Would you look at this stuff? The designers they carry often have little more than a myspace page and are making these masterpieces in their homes! The most wonderful part is the price point- it's not cheap, but very affordable for the odd splurge, even for a student. You can feel good buying because these remarkable pieces are made by hand, with love, in limited amounts.
It's grungy, it's beautiful, even comfortable looking. STUNNING.

I know I'm a puddle, but I honestly think pixie market has it done PERFECTLY. Their first shop is in the Lower East Side, NYC and one just opened- I believe- in L.A. Spirit airlines has 60$ flights to NYC. Just sayin. This is the first time I've ever planned to hop on a plane to shop somewhere for an afternoon.

I'll treat myself one of these days. Until then, I'll live vicariously through you.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Oh, snap. JJ has a blog. And it's seck........

My brother from another mother/ex roommate/best friend in the whole wide world has just gotten on blogger, and "it's a who's who, what's what type of livin"

Deep as a bathtub.



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