Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It pains me to give up the goods, but this one with the zippers is on sale for $75.
They have our size and everything. Buy it because I can't. Sigh.

Dear Pixie Market,

I'm yours. If you'd have me I'd never look twice at another retailer. I have yet to make my first purchase because I can't even afford groceries at this point, but when my day comes- and it will- I'm blowing a wad.
Would you look at this stuff? The designers they carry often have little more than a myspace page and are making these masterpieces in their homes! The most wonderful part is the price point- it's not cheap, but very affordable for the odd splurge, even for a student. You can feel good buying because these remarkable pieces are made by hand, with love, in limited amounts.
It's grungy, it's beautiful, even comfortable looking. STUNNING.

I know I'm a puddle, but I honestly think pixie market has it done PERFECTLY. Their first shop is in the Lower East Side, NYC and one just opened- I believe- in L.A. Spirit airlines has 60$ flights to NYC. Just sayin. This is the first time I've ever planned to hop on a plane to shop somewhere for an afternoon.

I'll treat myself one of these days. Until then, I'll live vicariously through you.


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