Saturday, May 30, 2009


Just signed into bloglovin' and am crying tears of joy! Todd Selby of 'the selby' was just featured in the New York Times magazine covering the Salone del Mobile!! 

What?!  I've raved about the selby AND the entire reason I blog is my love of industrial design, namely furniture.  My life would be complete if I ever showed at the salone.  (one day!)

So to put them together like that?  A marriage I can get behind, you know? How romantic.

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile is the international furniture fair held in Milan every year- the largest trade fair in the world- and is renowned as the leading exposition for new products by furniture manufacturers and designers.  Selby was asked to cover the hottest new designers under 40.  He even did his watercolour illustrations of each!

pictured are, from top:
Maarten De Ceulaer
Philippe Nigro (his sectional couch)
Alessandra Baldereschi
Philippe Malouin
Simon Macro and Marcus Beck, Freshwest Design

(the ny times article and the selby)


Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hoping someone that gets how to customize a blog page can drop some knowledge on me?  I'm confused.  Widen? Advertise? Etc.?



(pic is part random grass image, part alex and chloe blog)


'UFO' is an 'unidentified feeding object' by new york designer Andrea Ruggiero for the exhibition titled 'Indisposed', where designers were called to address notions of disposability in everyday products.

Among the worst of the items we throw out everyday, disposable food containers, cutlery and the like are screaming for reinvention.  I've worked in restaurants for years and every single time I pack up a takeout order I cringe.  Styrofoam.

This is a charming solution- a single use disposable plate that is not only biodegradable but FEEDS birds, squirrels and other park dwellers.  It is made of blended bird seed, potato starch, guar gum and a seaweed-like binding agent, and thus is completely non-toxic and vegan-friendly.

Addressing usability, the plates are highly resistant to wet foods, vinegars, and sauces.  Simply toss it- frisbee-like- into the bushes when finished dining, and the waste becomes rodent food!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Finding it difficult to find a street without obtrusive billboards, Jordan Seiler of Public Ad Campaign did some research and discovered that many of the 'buy me' signs bombarding NYC were illegal.   Knowing he would never get permission to replace them with public art, he organized the 'New York Street Advertising Takeover'- and a network of citizens set out to transform the signs into personal and anti-ad artworks.  Over 80 artists whitewashed and converted 126 NPA billboards on April 25.  Four in the group were arrested, but are working on fighting the charges.

Most of the pieces were appropriated by the NPA within days, but the imagery and story will always be there..... 

check out the flickr here


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


'The puppet show' is a new photographic series by Italian Studio 'Winkler and Noah', where 30 portraits of children aged 2 to 8 were taken and very subtly retouched to create the most uncanny set of 'dolls' I have ever seen.  Creepy.
The project has received two international awards from American Photography and has been published in the volume '200 best photographers worldwide' by Luerzers Archive.



I hate that it's been so long. Hopefully i can start right where I left off? No hard feelings.....? 

Remember 'Humans Since 1982' Studio that I blogged awhile back? Here's something else they've done that is worthy of some hype......

The 'clock clock' is a clock, made of clocks. Watch.


Saturday, May 9, 2009


it's been awhile! sorry for the lack of posts, but my grad show is this week and i've been eating and sleeping and drinking and breathing my work.  still am, but i miss my blog!

busy busy, so i'll quote coolhunting.  i'm ordering this book, and if you're an artist, you should too.  my studio class just got a serious wakeup call from a consultancy that came to critique our final presentations last week.  if you want to make money doing what you LOVE, you need to KNOW, and very few art schools teach anything about the business side of things. for shame!

"Few arts institutions teach the fundamentals of business and law for visual arts majors. Enter 'Art/Work', a new book by Heather Darcy Bhandari and Jonathan Melber. Bhandari is the director at NYC's Mixed Greens Gallery while Melber’s background includes practicing art law at a major New York firm and representing artists at Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts. Together they make for a powerful combo, offering both extensive knowledge of the gallery system and the ins and outs of art law, for some well-founded tips on how to succeed in the art world.

Of the many topics covered, the book includes the proper way to submit to a gallery, how to attract a curator, the importance of having a website, how to host a successful studio visit, how to edit work and install shows, how to apply for grants and much more. They give real examples of consignment agreements and even include an art fair survival guide. Packed with hundreds of quotes from artists and curators, vital advice on how to make the most of your career fills each page"

click click


Saturday, May 2, 2009


SUPERMARKET is an online store brought to you by the fine folks at brooklyn-based 'supercorp'... it's an online store and blog where designers sell their 'stuffs' for very reasonable prices.  many of these talents are making their items by hand, at home, so help support them!

i'll be selling some things soon so wait for the word.... i'll need the support too :)



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