Saturday, May 9, 2009


it's been awhile! sorry for the lack of posts, but my grad show is this week and i've been eating and sleeping and drinking and breathing my work.  still am, but i miss my blog!

busy busy, so i'll quote coolhunting.  i'm ordering this book, and if you're an artist, you should too.  my studio class just got a serious wakeup call from a consultancy that came to critique our final presentations last week.  if you want to make money doing what you LOVE, you need to KNOW, and very few art schools teach anything about the business side of things. for shame!

"Few arts institutions teach the fundamentals of business and law for visual arts majors. Enter 'Art/Work', a new book by Heather Darcy Bhandari and Jonathan Melber. Bhandari is the director at NYC's Mixed Greens Gallery while Melber’s background includes practicing art law at a major New York firm and representing artists at Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts. Together they make for a powerful combo, offering both extensive knowledge of the gallery system and the ins and outs of art law, for some well-founded tips on how to succeed in the art world.

Of the many topics covered, the book includes the proper way to submit to a gallery, how to attract a curator, the importance of having a website, how to host a successful studio visit, how to edit work and install shows, how to apply for grants and much more. They give real examples of consignment agreements and even include an art fair survival guide. Packed with hundreds of quotes from artists and curators, vital advice on how to make the most of your career fills each page"

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ExViGalleries said...

Thanks for the info. I wish is available when i was in college, but useful nonetheless. Good luck on your studies and i will stayed posted here.


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