Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hoping someone that gets how to customize a blog page can drop some knowledge on me?  I'm confused.  Widen? Advertise? Etc.?



(pic is part random grass image, part alex and chloe blog)


Miele said...

ho visto che ti sei aggiunta come mia lettrice, mi domando perchè e come hai fatto a trovarmi. bellissimo quello che hai messo nel tuo arte e solo arte.
un bacio piacere di conoscerti

Justin said...

I'd be happy to try to help you customize your blog, and was also hoping to send you an email about something else, but wasn't sure how to contact you ... you can email me at, if you'd like.

xnapoleonx said...

Unless you have some specific questions that I could answer; there are quite a lot of blogs dedicated to blogger modification. Just type your question in google followed by 'blogger tutorial' or something like it.

jasmine said...

i used this article to add a second sidebar -

you'll need to put some padding in though so it doesn't look squishy. i used this article to help me with that -

good luck! it can get a bit frustrating, but i'm sure you'll be able to make it work!


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