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osko and deichmann 'sushi roller'
'glide' toaster by george watson.




1. a lively spanish dance for two people, typically accompanied by castanets or tambourine
2. a foolish or useless act or thing

'Committee' studio is known for exploring 'anti-design'.  Love the concept, hate the waste. However, as long as these 'fandangos' never go into mass production I can appreciate the idea, and even the piece itself as art.  tiny plastic sculpture.  But how long until it goes from being on display to the junk drawer to the garbage?

Sidetracked. I'll get back to what i LIKE about these fandangos.  The nine designers were commissioned to reflect upon the use of plastic in contemporary product design, from stylistic, practical and environmental perspectives.  Committee dissected (recycling good) as broad a range of plastic products as possible and recomposed them, fabricating each fandango by hand to possess absurdist functions and to mimic the finish of an industrially produced consumer product.

It's interesting to consider why products have evolved to the shapes that they have..... anything from cars to kitchen tools to musical instruments.  Much of traditional styling has to do with ergonomics and mechanics, but even these elements could be much different if completely reconsidered from scratch.  Inspired thinking.

These are pieces of artwork about the design process.  And I think they're brilliant.  Even my early thoughts have developed as I've written this.... yes, these are a bit wasteful, but they made me think about the wasteful plastic products in my place.  Being aware will make all the difference when it comes to considering the purchase of yet another..... and another..... no?

no click click.  they don't have a site.....



This is Danny Roberts, the talent behind the illustration blog, 'Igor and Andre'.

I don't even know what to say.  I saw his work posted on another blog and was completely blown away.  I've been painting for years and have been in art school for almost a decade and i rarely see work that makes me STARE.  There is so much intensity and emotion in not only the characters he draws, but in his line work, his choice of colour.  I spent the better part of an hour adoring his work, and for the first time in a long time found myself trying to figure out what EXACTLY was so compelling about it.  Why I was so drawn to it......?

I finally came across a post that showed his inspiration, which ranged from Van Gogh (i knew it!! the beautifully neurotic line work reminded me of the feeling I get when I look at his self portraits), to fashion photography, to the elegance of Marie Antoinette, to HENRY DARGER! Please look up Henry Darger- his story is fascinating!! In fact, I'm going to blog him right after this.

Anyway, please please have a look at Danny's work.  There are also pictures of him in his studio, and it is clear that he works incredibly hard.  He deserves all the success he's so quickly finding.  At 23, he has studied both photography and fashion design, and has been featured in multiple international publications.

Many of the above images are illustrations he has done of blog personalities he has admired and met through the internet community.  I'm learning myself (slowly... my blog is just a baby!) how supportive and inspirational this group of people really can be.

....... And he sometimes rocks lederhosen.  Rad!

Be sure to have a look at his site here
And you can buy his work on etsy here

And Danny, if you're reading this, feel free to draw me! I'm not that fancy a lady and my blog is just an infant, but maybe one day I'd be so lucky.



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Working away at the detroit apartment of my friend the car designer. This is for you, James.
I hate expensive cars. Honestly.  The highest I'd go is a mini cooper. But this concept is wild.

For the dudes that read my blog, here is something for you, I guess?  It's an offering anyway.... I figure after all the dresses and jewelry I've been showing lately- this being the most masculine thing I had in my roster- it's the least I could do.
Although I have my issues with car design, this BMW concept is ridiculous.  Watch the video straight to the end.  It blinks, forchrissakes.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

FOR ANGELA: mmaris

you know what it's for. 
can't wait!

all images from this beautiful blog 
video by camille on this beautiful blog



I know I said I wouldn't post.... but I'm waiting for some glue to dry and to be honest, I can't really stay away.  
So, I will take this opportunity to share a site I really don't want to share because I want to keep it all for myself.  Of course, I heard about it from Betty's site (who else?), and I'm completely smitten........  

Pixie Market is a small boutique out of NYC that has branched to LA. The owners, whose names I haven't been able to find, have scouted out some of the best young talents around to add to their collection.

The best part???  All of these beautiful items are, on average, less than $200!!!!!!!
Every single piece for sale is stunning and so unique.  There are a number of gorgeous dresses in the sale section that I'm considering ordering for my graduation....... 


ps- yes, that white cuff is a 'fanny pack' :)


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