Monday, April 6, 2009


'Wait Until Dark' is a suspense masterpiece starring Audrey Hepburn as a blind housewife who is terrorized by three hoods (Alan Arkin, Richard Crenna and Jack Weston) that attempt to retreive a heroin-filled doll that mistakenly made its way to her New York City apartment.  The movie is based on the stage play by Frederick Knott and features an engaging battle of wits between Hepburn and the thugs, as well as a surprisingly scary climax as the nighttime falls.

Arkin is genuinely creepy in the role of the evil master of ceremonies, having blackmailed Crenna and Weston into following along in his plan to outsmart the sweet blind Suzy (Hepburn). Audrey is unbelievably charming, as always.

For the 1960s, this is a rather horrifying film, and it has been said that at the premiere, the theater's lights were turned off, one by one, leading up to the frightening climax.

More old-timey's please, Jim :)


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