Tuesday, April 14, 2009



Sinichi Maruyama uses india ink and water to create his transient imagery in the split second before the two liquids combine into grey.  Photographing liquids in motion- not to mention in collision- makes it impossible for Maruyama to anticipate the results, which he admits makes his job that much more enjoyable.  

The series is titled 'Kusho', which is the Japanese word for 'writing in the sky';  the traditional use of india ink in calligraphy makes this title even more fitting.  Ten large-scale photographs document the mid-air interplay of ink and water, and allow the viewer to see in extraordinary detail a physical interaction that is invisible to the naked eye.  Maruyama uses the newest advances in strobe light technology, allowing him to photograph the phenomenon to within 7500th of a second!

'Kusho' was recently on display at the Bruce Silverstein Gallery in New York.



rima neverland said...

oh wow i love this! man im really starting to think that i wanna see more of YOUR work:)

sn said...

i'll probably post some when school is over mid may.... i'll let you know when i do, because i'm going to want to hear what you think, lady


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