Monday, April 20, 2009


Working away at the detroit apartment of my friend the car designer. This is for you, James.
I hate expensive cars. Honestly.  The highest I'd go is a mini cooper. But this concept is wild.

For the dudes that read my blog, here is something for you, I guess?  It's an offering anyway.... I figure after all the dresses and jewelry I've been showing lately- this being the most masculine thing I had in my roster- it's the least I could do.
Although I have my issues with car design, this BMW concept is ridiculous.  Watch the video straight to the end.  It blinks, forchrissakes.

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Bree said...

Holy. VERY cool. Good for them for thinking out of the box for once! i wish they made the skin out of a recycled material or something of the sort :)


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