Tuesday, December 29, 2009


"Carmen Feudenthal (photographer) and Elle Verhagen (stylist) have been working as a creative team since 1989. Their collaboration with fashion designers, performers and other artists results in a wide variety of work, which is, at the same time, always recognizable by a typical humoristic approach of daily life and an undeniable style, using and abusing contemporary imagery and (photo)graphic techniques"

The two were in-house designers for Bernhard Willhelm from 01-07 and have had much of their work published in I-d magazine, Dazed and Confused, Jalouse, and Flash Art International.


Friday, December 11, 2009


SO beautiful.

Lots to do, so I'll quote:
"Eunsuk Hur is a textile designer who is looking to push the boundaries of fashion and interior design by exploring different materials and approaches leading to new textile futures. An interchangeable modular system of textile pieces can be transformed by the user to create a new piece of clothing or interior accessories which promote sustainable design"

She uses laser cutting and various printing processes, such as sublimation printing on wood, acid printing on wool felt, etching onto leather as well as handcraft techniques.

Hur graduated in 2009 from Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design with a degree in MA Design for Textile Futures. 

Although she's not the first to experiment with this sort of modular fashion design, she's up there as far as I've seen with those who have done it successfully. Her work has real depth and such intricate BEAUTY. This process is going to be huge.


Monday, November 23, 2009


Being at a complete fork in the road in my life makes a selby update like this put a smile on my face. 

It's sort of how I picture my 'thing' one day..... a totally imperfect place, messy within reason, making a home out of things previously loved and self-made. Big dog. Time to paint. Cooking, relaxing, enjoying it all. A barn-turned-woodshop. City life for a bit, but then THIS. 

Something to look forward to. 

Anyway, he's a photographer and she's a model. So I guess that makes it slightly more glamourous. And ironic. Not quite 'Green Acres', but close enough. You have to love our generation and the way we can mix the mundane with the bleeding-edge so successfully. 

It's our thing, no big deal.

blah blah click click


ps- My grandfather has almost that exact jockey statue in his garden so I'd be all over having one. He had a name.....! I'll have to get back to you. 

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Chanel. Stop-motion. A charming french ditty. Natalie Portman. Love.
An animation for V magazine, directed by Stephen Smith.

AND, it's in the details with a silent-ish short of the Chanel spring/summer 2010 collection.
It's long, and kind of vapid, but the RINGS at about the 2:30 mark are incredible.  


Monday, November 16, 2009


"The 'Ink Calendar' makes use of the timed pace of the ink spreading on the paper to indicate time. The ink is absorbed slowly, and the numbers in the calendar are 'printed' daily. One a day, they are filled with ink until the end of the month. The calendar enhances the perception of time passing and not only signaling it. The aim of the project is to address our senses, rather than the logical and conscious brain"

The ink colour is different for every month and is based on a spectrum that follows a temperature scale; each new page utilizes a colour that relates to our sensory perception of that particular month. 



Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Something you should know about me is that I have a short attention span. I bloggered Cranbrook Academy of Art a few months back, with this 3d design collective of students in mind. To be more specific, they were the purpose of the post. And yet, somehow, I never got to them. Probably because it took a bit more work to get their images uploaded......

Anyway, they're on my mind again tonight and I thought I'd finally post. The truly relevant stuff is never long forgotten.

Innate Gestures is a collective of 13 3d design students at Cranbrook that took on a Masters studio with 2 'Master' designers; one of the school's designer-in-residences, Scott Klinker, and guest designer Leon Ransmeier. Small studios have been becoming increasingly significant in the design world over the last decade, often dreaming up 'products' (I hate using that term because the pieces are so much more....) that are far simpler, more beautiful and functional than those of much larger manufacturers. 

From their site:
"Our interactions with objects are informed not only by acquired knowledge and comparison, but also by nuanced physical relationships with the body. Innate Gestures strives to isolate and amplify the natural sensory cues that make everyday objects intuitive, pleasurable, and simple to interact with"


From top:
The Innate Gestures Collective on the grounds at Cranbrook
The collection
Waste bin by Youngeun Lee
Coat Rack by Isaac Chen
Triad by Talha B. Khwaja
Symmetrican by Saebyul Lim
Bench #7 by Bob Turek
Magazine Hanger by Isaac Chen


Sunday, November 8, 2009


Stumbled upon this blog. The most amazingly bizarre collection of images......



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