Tuesday, April 14, 2009



I'm SO EXCITED about this year's SENSEWARE exhibition taking place in Italy.  Already the innovations from Japan's amazing group of designers and scientists are mind-boggling; I can only imagine what they'll be creating with these new materials from here on.

Tokyo Fiber Senseware was started as a project to show the world the merits of Japan's fibers. Exhibitions were originally held in Tokyo and Paris.  'Senseware' refers to materials or mediums that arouse creative desire.

Nendo/Asahi Kasei presented a paper lantern that blows up like a balloon with 'smash', a highly thermoplastic non-woven fabric.
Kashiwa Sato/Toyobo used 'Breathair', an elastic-coiled cushion material that is 95% air, to make soft children's blocks that capture air in three dimensions.

My favourite, though, is Kosuke Tsumura's 'Cocoon Cradle' made from 'felibendy'- a material that has air permeability, water and acoustic absorption, and stretch.  It is a nonwoven highly functional fabric with the capability of tuning its comfort to the human body.  Using a steam jet manufacturing process, the material is extremely lightweight and has superior three-dimensional formability.  Softness and strength are thus manifested simultaneously in one material.  It is seen used in the incredibly structured hood/dress pictured above.



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