Sunday, April 19, 2009

FOR ANGELA: mmaris

you know what it's for. 
can't wait!

all images from this beautiful blog 
video by camille on this beautiful blog



Anonymous said...

love it all. perfect! i really the over sized sweater. actually i love it all!

check out your album on my fb. i added some picks of some shoes a already own.

p.s. i also need something to wear on the 22nd for CJAM Presents- Movement Radio- live simulcast of Windsor's Official Movement Opening Reception Party 2009.
and something for the dps rave im booked to play.?????


sn said...

i'll have a look! i love that you love it. all.

so exciting!! Where is the party going to be....? Boom Boom, i'm guessing? RAD. Both parties I'm all yours. This'll be so much fun, lady.

Erin said...

before i reached the bottom of your-a post-a, i thought to myself 'shredded shit' (shit as in stuff, for, clarification).
clearly the aesthetic reflects both the process and the artists interp

also, get up here kthxbye

macyaverage said...

I love the shirt in the 4th picture. Perfect!


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