Sunday, March 22, 2009


'We Have Decided Not To Die' is an unusual short film by Daniel Askill.

From NotCot:
"A modern day allegorical triptych, three figures undergo transformation through three rituals: Birth, Between, and Rebirth.  Though not a story in any conventional sense, 'We Have Decided Not To Die's visual poetry captivates just the same, evoking a surreal ritualistic world, whose characters appear to float free of space and time.
Askill is a music video director with a penchant for water environments and slow motion and has done work for UNKLE, Placebo and Digitalism among others"  

Sorry that the video doesn't quite fit on the right side, but it's not affected too much.  The film is 10 minutes or so, and completely worth it.
I'm not thrilled with how it ends, but the beauty of the cinematography more than makes up for it.  The shots are stunning; the colours, the contortions.
I guess this video is fairly (very) old?  From 2003.  I was only just introduced to it a few weeks ago but still think it's very relevant.  
Have a look.

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H. said...

hauntingly beautiful. reminds me of vanilla sky somehow. thanks for sharing.

Bree said...

Holy. Whoa, I'm also disappointed with the ending, I expected more, seems like it was cut short. BUt Wow, I'm still ultra impressed.
Thanks for sharing this vid!


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