Thursday, March 26, 2009


Daniel Arsham is a 29 year old American Artist, best known for his reworking of architectural and natural forms of the everyday.  These pieces were done for a 2007 exhibition called "eyeSpace" at the Miami Performing Arts Center.  His work aims to demonstrate how art wields power over other fields.
These installations were done using rubber, plaster, paint and fabric.  So simple yet so powerful; the work instantly challenges what we hold inherently true about the 4 or more walls that surround us in any space.  

He again collaborates with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company starting March 29th during the French National Biennale of Dance in Paris, integrating found objects into his work and cutting holes in the back walls of the theatre.

'hammock' 2007
'corner knot' 2008
'curtain' 2007
'sheet' 2007
photos courtesy of Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin

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You're the yellow bird I've been waiting for. said...

oh my god the last one specially is so fucking cool... I don't know if you know these things.. but the walls remind me of those balloons filled with flour that you can shape differently.. usually from the dollarstore :$! ahahah I flippin love this!!!!!!!!


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