Tuesday, March 31, 2009


And so, inspired by some comments today from bloggers (is it wrong that I hate that term?  ah well....) from all over, I've decided to share some of my favourite 'personal' sites (aka blogs).  I'm not sure where this new fascination with blogs comes from, but I'm ready to admit my addiction.
I know I've said very little about myself up until now, but I'm an avid "people watcher"; meaning, nothing fascinates me more than human beings.  Sounds common, but some live for dissecting human behavior.  I'm one of those.  

Sometimes I'm horrified, often sympathetic, inspired, shocked, disappointed, whatever.... but it's always fascinating.  If I have one true obsession it would be trying to figure out what makes people tick, what moves them, whether or not they're all out or trying to hide.  What better way to analyze than through the visuals they associate themselves with?  You might not be able to judge a book by it's cover, but it still says so much.

Blogs put it all out there.  Some of them are tacky, some are ridiculous, but the amount of beautiful, unique personalities I'm falling for, having never met the authors of these sites, completely amazes me.
I could go on and on..... politics, religion, social issues, but I'm in the business of art and want to share some of the sites that inspire me, make me smile, and make me covet.  Not covet things, but covet visions.  I have my own to nurture, but being presented with ideas from others- things I've never seen or imagined myself- takes my breath away.  It's wonderful.


ps- still working on my portfolio site.  can't wait to put out ;)

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