Thursday, March 12, 2009

'PAPIER' BAGS by saskia kiez

again.  brilliant.

these 'papier' bags by german designer saskia kiez are made of DuPont 'Tyvek', so they are recyclable, tear-proof, waterproof, and extremely light.  paper!

the pictures say it all.... even show the process.  the look of the bag changes as it is used, the wrinkles almost giving it the feeling of old leather.

they go on sale in very select stores and on kiez' site in april.  i have no idea how much they'll be...... but just in time for my birthday.  


H. said...

i wish i could live in your blog. i'd be the coolest.

shauna p said...

i want the black one! i love how it looks kind of steel grey-ish once it's worn in, like in the bottom pic.

sn said...

hollie, move in!!
there's plenty of room for you!

ps- you have the cool thing down :)


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