Thursday, March 5, 2009


from ID magazine:
"The nurse, the optician, and the art student (Sophie Depery, Olivier Burgisser, and Singal Moesch) met at the University of Art and Design in Lausanne in 2003 and pledged to work together as a trio once they'd graduated.  They kept their word, and their sudio, Lifegoods, has since been turning out eclectic designs that rarely sacrifice the surreal for the merely practical.  
Burgisser credits the groups members' disparate backgrounds with bringing "complementary competence" to their work"

A nurse and an optician.  Whatever it is that they bring to the table, it works.  Some of the best design firms in the world- such as IDEO- employ social workers, biologists, chemists, engineers, etc. in order to bring insight that might never have been otherwise explored.  

bedside lamp
'serie' storage
'serie' storage
'wifi desk' (meant for public spaces)
'table basse'
'eclosion stool'
bedside table

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