Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I've touched on coroflot a bit before, but to recap, the site is an online portfolio database for artists and designers looking for work. Employers post jobs/internships and network with students and graduates, who in turn network with one another, join groups and 'likey' one another's work. Yeah, kind of like facebook for artists.
I'm on the site and am checking it often lately; although some of the portfolios are lackluster, there are plenty that are really impressive and original. And so I will blog.

Yesterday I found the page of David Dooley, footwear designer. Every piece you see above has been HANDMADE by him. I'm not sure if they're actual working models or just for looks (I'm thinking looks, but wow). I had to make a shoe model once for a project with Nike and it's the impossible feat. To SEW all the leather pieces together and get them to form the very organic shape of a foot without warping?? Not easy. This is why David Dooley is amazing.

And his shoes are gorgeous! He interned with Puma Blackstation Footwear and was a joint winner of a Manolo Blahnik award at the Royal College of Art in London.  



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E's said...

Some next century designs and this century just began. Cool post.


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