Friday, June 19, 2009


I love Hedi Slimane.

Educated in political science and art history, Slimane isn't your typical artist; however, he has somehow managed to have his hand in everything from superior tailoring, furniture and store design, to fashion and PHOTOGRAPHY.  His photos are genius and today have me enamored. 

The man behind YSL and Dior Homme has well translated his love of fashion into photography- not that it hasn't been done before- but with a significant simplicity that highlights the personalities he shoots and not just the clothes.  He is known for his slim silhouette in men's fashion and for finding the newest male models; his guys are svelte, tattooed and rough around the edges. I don't want to think about how young some of them must be, but let's face it- they're beautiful.  Slimane photographs women a fraction of the time and seems to prefer to dress his boys up a bit.  No complaints here.

It was impossible to edit down the massive selection of photos I wanted to show from his 'fashion journal', so I didn't.  I could have looked for HOURS. This is a long one.

EVERYTHING he photographs turns out sophisticated, simple and edgy.  Even FLOWERS.  No?


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