Tuesday, June 2, 2009


From exquisiteclock.org:

"Exquisite clock is an ongoing collection of time fragments- hours, minutes, and seconds that populate everyday life. The project consists of a participatory website that feeds data to different clocks as installations, designed products and urbanscreens.
Users are invited to upload images of numbers that can be found with different contexts surrounding them- objects, surfaces, bodies that form shapes of numbers.... all uploads then become part of an ever-growing internet database"

The platform then allows variations of screen clocks to be constructed, based on different themes. You can download the screensaver from the site, or just check it from time to time- it's always different.  Some of the numbers are tough to make out; I just spent a few minutes trying to figure out how on earth a certain configuration of peppers was supposed to look like a 4, but I was charmed nonetheless.  

This image is tough to see, but click for a better look.  I took the screenshot at exactly 11:57:39. See?

I seem to have a thing for clocks lately.


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