Thursday, July 2, 2009


So, this is interesting....
IARTISTLONDON has created a set of do-it-yourself kits for the recreation of well-known pieces of british contemporary art.

Mark Quinn, 'Self (the real thing)

The Do It Yourself 'Self' kit

Damien Hirst 'For the Love of God'

DIY 'For the Love of God' kit

Tracey Emin, 'Everyone I Have Ever Slept With'

The DIY kit

One of Banksy's Rats

Yeah. DIY

From the site:
"We believe art should be for everyone. Our boxes contain all the necessary elements so you only have to concentrate on creating. In no time you will have a masterpiece created by yourself. It couldn't be easier!
IARTISTLONDON presents the world's first affordable DIY high art sets"

There are currently six sets to choose from, including a DIY 'For the Love of God' by Damien Hirst to be created from a plastic skull and rhinestones; a 'Self' replica by Mark Quinn which allows you to create a frozen sculpture of your head out of YOUR OWN BLOOD (what. the. f&*k), and a DIY 'Everyone I Have Ever Slept With' tent a la Tracey Emin.

Ok, I've seen 'Self' and think it's a great piece, but to include instructions on how to create your OWN is insane to me.  That is Quinn's piece, his vision, his creative sacrifice..... HIS blood.  I mean, is this even safe?? 

All the work listed here to 'copy' is personal vision.  I get the appeal, but I'm hating this idea! I don't think it would be possible to come up with an idea to cheapen these relevant pieces of art any more than IARTIST has.

Sure, anyone could collect the supplies to knock off nearly ANY piece of artwork if they tried hard enough.  But these people too would have to be innovative in doing it themselves.  For a company to make money off telling the average joe how to recreate a piece of contemporary art that he likely doesn't even understand or know much about is sick.

I haven't been able to find it, but I would be interested to hear what the artists think of this! If they had to give IARTIST LONDON permission? I would imagine.... but I'm seriously disappointed to think that they might get behind such a cheap idea.

When the Momart warehouse in East London burned to the ground in 2004 and Emin's tent was lost, she refused to reproduce it even when the Saatchi gallery offered her a million pounds, saying "I had the inclination and inspiration 10 years ago to make that, I don't have that inspiration and inclination now.... My work is very personal, which people know, so I can't create that emotion again- it's impossible". 



Anonymous said...

I think this website is tongue in cheek and mocking the idea they've put forth. I hope.

sn said...

i hope so too. i really do.
but i haven't seen any evidence of that, unfortunately. i think it is to an extent, but more than anything it seems to take the idea fairly seriously- that you, too, can have your very own do-it-yourself damien hirst.
it's so sad!

Raymond said...

Hi, does anyone know where I can buy the Damien Hirst "For the Love of God" DIY kit please? Thanks


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