Sunday, July 26, 2009


Bros before Hos. 

Scott Campbell is a Brooklyn-based tattoo artist; one that couldn't tell you exactly what stylistic elements of his art he is best known for. If you ask him, he's "known for dirty fingernails and paint all over his pants", but if you ask anyone that knows his work, he is famous for his antiquated ornamentation and use of a laser cutter on any and everything he can get his hands on. 

The 'Make it Rain' series is no exception. Something about the tattoo culture imagery and the stack of dolla dolla bills goes hand in hand. Campbell has always been an artist, but 'Make it Rain' seems to have given him his first real taste of art world props. His lasercutting obsession has led him to create a wide range of decorative books and furniture, but the concept behind 'Rain' is much deeper.

The skulls are especially rad, no?

Oh! And the tattoos pictured above? Campbell and friend Marc Jacobs have a matching set.



SoniaBlade said...

I love love loveeee his work!

Hello Lindello said...

love the matching tats and the skulls, yes. awesome

Anonymous said...

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