Monday, February 16, 2009


So sleepy.

From designboom:
"While her work appears bright and colourful, little touches hint at the subversiveness below the surface.  The subjects in her work are still lives created using plasticine, flowers, cakes and other props"

Liz is a TORONTO BASED photographer (yay) that just closed a show at the Gladstone Hotel on Queen West on February 8th.  I love how multi-dimensional her work is.  It's gorgeous and bright, but also so subtly twisted.  An inspired contrast!

'Breasts', 2008
'Yellow Shoes and Sardines', 2004
'Cakes' and 'Butterflies on Wounded Cake', 2008
'Red Shoes' and 'Tampon', 2008
'Popsicle' and 'Cupcakes', 2008
'Bunny with Candy', 2008

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