Sunday, January 11, 2009


My first post!

I'm an industrial design and fine arts student.  

I've been collecting inspirational images from various sources for what must be at least ten years, and have decided that my own personal blog would be an effective way to put all that beauty out there.... an archive of trends and ideas that are most influential in bringing about my final design conceptions.
Instead of looking at a mass of tiny icons in my computer's finder window when I reference my collection of images, I will be able to categorize and critique each, ask questions of relevance, and make sense of the ever-more-quickly evolving history of creativity that I have been exposed to.

Lofty goals?  Probably.  But at least I'll have somewhere to unload megs and megs of pictures..... not to mention hit up any and every music, film and visual obsession I can find.

I suppose that makes this more of a personal blog, but I hope others can find inspiration and leave their thoughts.

Support creativity!

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