Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Xiao Xiao Dong is a Chinese fashion designer and recent Central Saint Martins graduate.  Pictured above is her grad show collection.  Crazy.

She plans to make the clothes more wearable as she readies the project for commercial sales.  I'm positive it will be great.

I love seeing students run wild with their ideas.  A project can always be made more accessible later on, but as a student, go nuts and show the world what you're capable of.... at a time when there is no one else to answer to and little to no money invested (aside from teachers and scrillions in tuition ;)



Erin said...

i like the menagerie you are creating here!
it inspires me to keep my eyes active xxox!

this one reminds me of the creator of the poncho of my dreams...i would love to start weaving.


sn said...

oh my heart. it's beautiful! i'm sure weaving would love for you to start weaving.
thanks for being inspired. i love to hear that more than anything.

i'm all over du yang's site this minute thanks to you. whenever the stiffs at my design school make me second guess myself, there is often a pink fuzzy gorgeous yak costume posted on my blog to steer me back.

you must keep it coming.


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