Monday, May 3, 2010


I would normally declare that I saw this on designboom first, but I can proudly say that my initial contact with this piece was in PERSON. I love living in Toronto.

From the boom:
"....a site-specific work by american artist barbara kruger is currently on display along the façade of the art gallery of ontario (AGO) in toronto. the public installation is located on the north facade of the frank gehry designed gallery as part of the contact photography festival. the piece was created by kruger in response to the festival’s theme ‘pervasive influence’. the work consists of a series of found images and statements that includes ‘shove it’, ‘love it’, ‘kiss it’, believe it’ and ‘shame it’. the project aims to explore ‘how photography informs and transforms human behavior, especially via the medium’s connections to mass media, advertising, consumerism, and propaganda.’ the installation will be on show until august 30, 2010"

These photos don't do it justice. I'd include some of mine, but they would do it even less. The lady's aim has always been impact, and impact she has. Kruger is an American Conceptual Artist known for the found black and white imagery she pairs with aggressive/generalized/short'n'sweet accusations on consumer culture, feminism and classicism. Her work leaves the viewer with the feeling of being in a power struggle with the artist, and it never ceases to amaze that Kruger is able to make us want to defend ourselves when we know she's right..... defend ourselves when we feel compelled to rebut that she doesn't 'know' us.... that the work of a single woman can accurately point fingers at SO many. However, let it be known that her work is not to put down, but to educate. To make us look more honestly at ourselves, one another, and the media we quietly consume. Tough love.

I'd like to write more but i'm off to work. check back?


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