Wednesday, March 31, 2010


0fr. Film portraits: Cheri Messerli from Ofr. on Vimeo.

So, I love 'Scout Holiday'; easily one of the most understated and captivating sites I've seen (nay, frequent). Charming charming charming.
Stylist and jewelry designer Cheri Messerli is behind the blog, having relocated with husband and graphic designer David Rager (excavation by spoonfulls) from LA to Paris. Recently posted was the Ofr Paris City Guide that caught my attention, and just today Cheri displayed some lovely shots of her work in the Ofr front window in Paris.

What's Ofr? I wondered, and now you are too. It's actually sort of hard to say. From the site, it appears to be a gallery and beautiful bookstore, hosting pop-up shops all over the world. The space holds shows, which are well-documented on vimeo, promotes artists and musicians and puts out some BEAUTIFUL graphic work- from the Paris Guide (I'd pick it up, anyone planning to go- the photos are gorgeous and doubtless they have hand-picked best places to visit) to their series of postcards.

Above, some of the shop's offerings, as well as a closeup of Cheri and her work.  Isn't she lovely?

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