Wednesday, November 4, 2009


All-Canadian. I love this stuff.

From the site's 'About':
"MatCult is an abbreviation of the term 'MATerial CULTure'. It is a line of designed objects by Jonathan Sabine and produced by manufacturers in and around Toronto, Canada. These objects are intended to explore primitivity/technological sophistication and materiality/conceptuality within the context of furniture and product design.
All the objects in the line are designed around local manufacturing capabilities. In this way Mat/Cult/ is an accurate, if limited, portrayal of the current character of Canadian design and manufacturing"

I've had my eye on Sabine's pieces for some time, and was mega pleased to see him in this month's Wallpaper, highlighting art/design/food&drink culture in Canada (as well as in the US, France, Scandinavia, etc- amazing issue).


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